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Weekend Rates Under Threat

Weekends matter. They’re a night out with friends, catching a match and spending time with your family.

But for the people who serve us in restaurants and shops, care for our elderly and sick or help us in an emergency, weekends are another work day.

Any change to weekend rates would hit hundreds of thousands of weekend workers with a sudden pay cut they can’t afford and don’t deserve.

Weekend rates are currently under threat and the Turnbull Government has refused to support weekend workers. Instead, a report commissioned by the Federal Government has recommended slashing the pay of people who work weekends.

This election, let Mr Turnbull know where you stand and vote to Save our Weekend and protect penalty rates.


"Federal election 2016: penalty rates a poll bombshell "

The Australian, 20, April 2016





With several big business groups running a legal case to cut weekend pay rates and the Turnbull Government considering plans to do the same it’s now or never to Save our Weekend and protect weekend pay rates. But we can’t do it without you.

Write a Letter to the Editor in support of weekend rates


Let your neighbours know you care with a weekend rates bin sticker



Attend a local campaign event


Get Loud

Get Loud

We all know Australians love our weekends and we appreciate the people who have to work them.

The more people who know about this issue, the better our chance of convincing the decision-makers that weekend rates are too important to mess with.

This issue affects all of us so get sharing and invite your friends, workmates and family to get on board.