"Workers ‘kicked in guts’ over penalty rates"

The Australian, 23.02.17

Despite claims to the contrary, weekends still mean something in Australia. Time with family and friends, relaxing, catching a match. But for many Australians, weekends mean work.

An aggressive employer campaign has succeeded in stripping back weekend work protections, making thousands of workers vulnerable to greedy bosses who may be tempted to try to cut their weekend pay rates.

Australians know that the people who work hard on weekends to make sure the rest of us can enjoy our time off do not deserve a sudden pay cut. And they are ready to support these workers to prevent that from happening.

Save our Weekend will continue to bring together weekend workers and supporters to fight these unfair and undeserved cuts. 

Save Our Weekend is a campaign lead by Australian Unions, including the Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees' Association and United Voice.

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