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What does a cut of up to $100 a week mean to you? What does it mean for your family commitments, going out with friends, putting petrol in the car, paying for kids' stuff etc.

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What do weekend rate cuts mean to you? Tell your story

Scott Morrison and his big business mates CHEERED when more than 700,000 people had their weekend and public holiday rates slashed.

Right now, more than 42,000 clubs workers are in line to also have those cuts inflicted on them, if the greedy bosses groups get their way.

Workers could have up to $5000 a year slashed from their pay.

This is a pay cut weekend workers can’t afford and don't deserve.

The obvious question is: “Who is next?”  

Scott Morrison can’t guarantee to any worker that their weekend is safe - he can’t guarantee it because he voted 8 times in Parliament to cut weekend rates.

Morrison and his Government have no idea how these cuts hurt weekend workers.

It's time they understood the real effects of these cuts.

Tell your story in the space provided. Be sure to mention the real costs of these cuts and how they affect you and your family.

The more we share our stories the more chance we have of Saving Our Weekend and protecting penalty rates.