Weekend Warriors

Clubs Australia is attempting to cut weekend and public holiday rates for clubs workers across the country. Clubs are supposed to be community organisations. The people who work hard every weekend to serve their communities can’t afford and don’t deserve a sudden pay cut.

There are several ways you can tell Clubs Australia, and your local club, not to cut the wages of the people who work for them.


Talk to your Local Club

RSLs, bowlos and other clubs are currently deciding whether to cut weekend rates. Support the staff at your local and ask the club to commit to protect weekend rates.


Talk to your Local Pub or Café

Ask your local pub, café or bar to commit not to cutting weekend rates and let the staff know you support them and where they can go to get more info on how to protect their penalty rates.


Attend a Weekend Warrior Event

Join other Save Our Weekend supporters at a Weekend Warrior event near you. 

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