Chip in for this billboard and let's Save our Weekend!

 Billboard in Dunkley

Weekend rates is a central issue this election campaign – and we have to keep it that way.

Why? Because this election is SO CLOSE. A few marginal electorates around the country will decide the outcome. One is Dunkley, where the Liberal candidate Chris Crewther wants to slash weekend penalty rates for our lowest paid workers.

But you can help stop him and his leader Malcolm Turnbull by letting voters in Dunkley know that weekend rates are on the line this election.

Can you help get this HUGE billboard up on the Peninsula Link? It's on the busiest road in Dunkley and will remind voters to put the Liberals last.

Union members are getting together to fund this billboard. Can you chip in and help us raise $10,000 by Sunday?

Every little bit counts. And millions of Australian families are counting are counting on us. Please chip in now – and together we can Save our Weekend.

Contributions are not tax deductible.