OPINION: Everybody needs a life about more than toil

The Newcastle Herald published this fantastic opinion piece by businesswoman Jacqueline Haines. 

Here's a small excerpt from the piece:

"As a business owner I understand the economy and profits are important. I pay penalty rates and sometimes I work the unsociable shifts to remind myself what people give up in order to make my profit and company reputation. As a mother and a member of society, I’ve come to believe the educationalist Alfie Kohn was correct when he said ‘‘economics has its place, it just doesn’t know its place’’.


Whether I’m in emergency or brunching with the kids on a weekend, I value the people that are providing our service and not playing sport, hanging with friends or chilling in front of the PlayStation. 

I value that they are making mine and my kids’ day that little bit better and I’m happy to pay for that service. Are you?

Read the full story here.

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