The month of Sundays

Tell us why Sunday penalty rates are important to you and you could win two tickets to watch the Brisbane Roar live at Suncorp Stadium.

The Sunday penalty rates of workers are under immediate threat. Each day for the next month, we’ll talk to a worker about why Sunday penalty rates are important.

It doesn’t matter whether you work weekends or not, if you believe workers should be compensated for missing out on time with their friends and family on the weekend, share your story! 

The best stories will win two tickets to watch the Brisbane Roar play against Melbourne City FC on Friday 20 November at Suncorp Stadium.  

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Your Sunday stories


Candyce's story: 

"Weekends should be about time off, enjoying life, catching up with friends, and having a break from work. 

Why do employees deserve penalty rates? Because very few are willing to do the work, and those that work weekends should be compensated. 

Taking away penalty rates is going to make it harder to survive week to week." 



Debbie's story:

"It will affect me because penalty rates are half my pay. I work every second weekend and I need penalty rates to stay otherwise it will be way too hard to pay my bills."


Cassie's Story:

“I’ve worked at K-Mart for nearly 30 years. Many of the people I work with, particularly the younger ones, rely on the penalty rates they earn on weekends to put food on the table and to pay their bills.

Penalty rates aren’t a bonus, they’re compensation for missing out on time with your friends and family.”


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