I joined my union to fight back

My name is Zara and I work as a waitress in a small restaurant.

I love my job; the people I work for are great as are my co-workers and our customers. It’s hard work and the hours are unsociable, but I love it.

I have been working in the hospitality industry on and off (mostly on) since I was a teenager. That gives me almost twenty years of experience.

In that time I have done every kind of job and had every kind of boss – from great to terrible! Thankfully at the moment work is great.

This week I joined a union for the first time in my life. I joined because, with the recent proposed cuts to penalty rates, I am concerned that no one else is in our corner.

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11 Awesome Ways Hotel Cleaner Margarita Demanded A Meeting With Malcolm Turnbull

306-uv-s-o-w-meet-with-margarita-news-advert-05-003-jpg.jpgMargarita is a hotel cleaner. She’s worked every Sunday for 30 years, but is set to lose about $2,000 each year if Malcolm Turnbull slashes penalty rates for hundreds of thousands of retail, fast food and hospitality workers. 

She isn’t standing for it – and is determined AF to meet with Turnbull and ask him why her pay should be cut.

So she’s off to Canberra THIS THURSDAY and will do whatever it takes to get a meeting with him – including featuring in a full page ad in Turnbull’s favourite newspaper. 





This is how she's getting the attention of Malcolm Turnbull:


1. Bill Shorten told her story in an impassioned speech in Question Time.

“Her Sunday penalty rates help her put food on the table and buy shoes for her kids.” 


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In case you missed it over the summer period ...

"Sunday penalty rates, banking regulation and the looming Trump presidency are some of the top order issues for business leaders heading into the new year."


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