Mandate to keep penalty rates - the people have spoken

This article was written by United Voice National Secretary Jo-anne Schofield and appeared in The Daily Telegraph on 8th July, 2016 and published online here -


POST-ELECTION polling in marginal seats around Australia by ReachTel has shown the enormous impact weekend penalty rates has had in swinging seats to Labor.

While the AEC continues to count votes, the poll commissioned by United Voice found a majority of constituents in Longman, Forde, Herbert, Macarthur, Eden-Monaro, Bass, Dunkley, Solomon, Hindmarsh and Cowan felt strongly about the issue.

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Liberal Candidate Caught Hiding Plans

First published in the Mornington News – 7 June 2016 - 

Lib contender’s pay rates backdown

- Neil Walker

LIBERAL candidate for Dunkley Chris Crewther has distanced himself from previously held views on limiting penalty rates.

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Supporters at Fair Work

The final week of hearings in the case to save or cut penalty rates began in Sydney this week. Save our Weekend supporters were there to mark the occasion.

A whole bunch of supporters dressed up to show what they miss out on by having to work weekends. There was a footballer, kids playing with building blocks, a bloke walked his dogs down … even someone in ugg boots and a dressing gown reading the Saturday paper. 


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