We have to use our voice

Alex Beaumont

While everyone else is sleeping, we provide professional care for the aging.

That’s the reality of life for me and 21 other United Voice members at an aged care facility of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

We work round-the-clock. We work weekends, Christmas and Easter. Whenever our senior citizens need care, we answer the call.

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OPINION: Everybody needs a life about more than toil

The Newcastle Herald published this fantastic opinion piece by businesswoman Jacqueline Haines. 

Here's a small excerpt from the piece:

"As a business owner I understand the economy and profits are important. I pay penalty rates and sometimes I work the unsociable shifts to remind myself what people give up in order to make my profit and company reputation. As a mother and a member of society, I’ve come to believe the educationalist Alfie Kohn was correct when he said ‘‘economics has its place, it just doesn’t know its place’’.


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Watch our TV Ad

Have you seen our TV Ad?

Losing weekend penalty rates is a pay cut we can’t afford and don’t deserve. 

Across Australia, people rely on weekend penalty rates to compensate them for missing time with family and friends to ensure they can pay their bills. 

But our weekend penalty rates, and our weekends, are now at risk. 

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