Talk to your local Club

People all over the country have been visiting their local clubs to ask them to commit to protecting weekend rates. Register below to be part of the action to Save Our Weekend!

Clubs Australia - the peak body for registered clubs - has until July 28 to decide if clubs workers and managers should be moved to the Hospitality Award - where weekend rates have already been cut.

Will you ask your local club to do support their staff, protect weekend rates and tell Clubs Australia to do the same?

We have all the materials you need to get your local club to commit to protect penalty rates and to let the staff know you stand with them.

Order a pack below that includes a letter to the club, a pledge form and some thank you cards for staff, and some Save our Weekend beer coasters and we'll mail everything out to you. Or you can download the letter and the pledge and take them straight into your local club.

Don't forgot to let us know how you go by emailing us at [email protected]  

Get your Clubs Pack


Contains the Club Letter, Weekend Rates Pledge, thank you cards and Save Our Weekend beer coasters.


Print out your own club pledge

Download the Club Pledge Form to print out yourself and take to your local club.


Conversation Tips

When speaking to local club owners, if you're not sure about how to approach the topic of protecting penalty rates, we've put together some conversation tips that should help you out.


Print out your own letter to your local club

Download the letter to your local club page to print out yourself and take to your local club.