Congrats on getting involved. So many Australians rely on weekend rates to survive. 

We know the vast majority of people support weekend rates. It's crazy we even have to have this fight. 

But business lobby groups are waging a sustained attack on weekend rates. And we know why. They stand to make big profits - at our expense. Right now they're pushing the Fair Work Commission to cut weekend rates for retail and hospitality workers. 

People who sacrifice their weekends to pay the rent and put food on the table. 

We know we don't have to tell you how important weekend rates are. But we do need you to tell your friends. And we need you to tell the Fair Work Commission not to cut weekend rates.

Send the Commission an message on why weekend rates matter to you. Let them know what you have to sacrifice when you work weekends. The more people who speak up, the harder it is for them to slash weekend rates. 

So thanks for stepping up - but don't stop here!

With your support, we will Save our Weekend.